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Sadly, many approach work as a necessary evil, something we have to do and try to survive. God did not give us work so that we could spend much of our lives in unfulfilled drudgery. God created the world, he separated darkness from light, land from water; he created the sun, moon, planets and stars, all of the animals and plants, and then he made man and woman in His image. He looked at all He had done and said, “It is very good!” He entrusted the world he made to our care for our enjoyment and provision. His design is that we work diligently and with integrity at whatever we do, and in so doing enjoy a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. We honor God by performing our work well; we can then take pride in what we have done and say, “It is very good!”

Col 3:23; Pr 16:3; 1 Sa 17:34-36; 2 Th 3:10; Ge 1:31

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for people. (Col 3:23) Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will succeed. Pr 16:3)

Work offers many benefits. Fulfillment comes when we roll up our sleeves and tackle a task tenaciously. We are wired to work; it feels good! Work builds confidence and competence. Children learn best when they are given tasks and responsibility. Work is a great learning tool for all of us. Work benefits us by providing for our needs and some of our wants as well. There is a sense of pride in paying our bills and providing for our families with the money we have earned. We develop character through work. Sticking with a project builds character. Learning to deal with difficult people builds character. Working when things are not going our way builds character. Discipline, diligence and responsibility are positive character traits developed by work. In the completion of a task comes a great sense of accomplishment. There’s nothing like a great finish—looking at what we have accomplished and saying, “It is very good!” (Ge 1:31)

Have you ever worked a job that was drudgery? Have you ever worked a job that you loved? How have different bosses you have had affected your performance? How would thinking of God as your boss improve your work? Have you ever performed poorly without giving your best to your job? How did it make you feel? Do you believe you can grow to appreciate a job and do it well, even if you don’t initially like it? How? How does working a job you don’t like compare to an arranged marriage? Do you think you would have a sense of purpose if you were financially set and didn’t have to work at all? Why or why not?

Whether you are being paid or volunteering, give your best effort to the work you do. Write down the things you view as negative regarding your work. Read through each one and decide a positive action or attitude you can put into practice in order to perform your work in a better way. Ask God to help you. Remember as you work that God is present and do your work as if you are working for God.

O Lord, thank you for your work in creation. You have given us a beautiful and miraculous world in which to live. May we honor you by the way we care for your Earth. Thank you for giving me the ability to work. Help me to recognize my work as a gift from you. Help me see ways that I can perform better and make my workplace better for myself and for those around me. I want to be a witness for you by the integrity and character I show through my work. In the Name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

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