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God established a chain of authority. Lack of respect for this basic order causes a great deal of strife and chaos in our culture. The Bible says that God establishes all authority and you must submit to those who have charge over you (Ro 13:1). This is a matter of respect. No, not respect for your employer, boss or leader, but respect for God because He is your ultimate authority. Throughout life you will always have authority over you. Learning to respect God and submit to those in leadership is a step toward integrity. Another step toward integrity is a strong work ethic. You are not called to do the least you can get by with; you are called work at what you do with all your heart as though you are working for the Lord. When you honor God by giving 100% and doing your best, others will take notice. Some will feel condemned by your high worth ethic, but others will be inspired and challenged. Having integrity means being truthful and honest. A person of integrity doesn’t pad their expense account, log more hours than they worked, call in sick when they aren’t, or steal office supplies. Being fair and honest in all you do speaks volumes about your character. People are pressing their faces against the window of your life. Your children are watching. What do they see?

Ro 13:1; Mt 5:16; Col 3:22; Eph 4:28; Pr 3:6, 6:6-8, 11:3; Ac 24:16

… let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven. (Mt 5:16)

Having integrity may (probably will) cost you. It may affect relationships, job promotions, stress you emotionally and certainly get in your wallet now and then. However, its worth far outweighs any hardships it may bring. You benefit by having a clear conscience. You don’t have to worry about what you’ve done or said coming back to bite you. You don’t have to try to keep straight the lies and deceptions you have in play. You also benefit by having clear values. Our society has few absolutes…people prefer to keep everything in play, in the gray area. God’s Word doesn’t play in the gray. When you know what your values are, it is quite easy to have clear direction when it comes to the decisions you have to make. You already know what to do.

Do your beliefs line up with your behavior in the workplace? How does it affect your work ethic when you see someone lazily doing the least they can? If you observed someone taking office supplies, leaving early or not getting their job done, how would you address the situation? What would be the Godly thing to do? What has integrity cost you? How might integrity cost you relationally? Financially? In your quest for a job promotion? Do you know anyone who has trouble keeping their lies straight? Who is a person of integrity that you admire? Why?

Check your integrity gauge. Ask a trusted, Christian friend how they perceive you on the integrity grid. Allow them to be honest and don’t take offense! Write down anything you feel you are not doing as well as you should at work. Focus on God’s Word and strive to live by His authority and order.

Heavenly Father, thank you for making the truth available to me through your word. Guide me as I try to live by the clear values you have established. Keep me strong in a world that mocks those who hold to Godly principles. May your truth and light shine in and through me. In Jesus Name, I pray.