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Now more than ever our culture needs a moral compass. We increasingly struggle with what is right and wrong. Right is often determined by what we feel at the moment, by trends in society, or the latest expert on a topic. There are no longer universal standards for behavior. If God had intended right and wrong to be determined by an ever-changing set of rules, he would have given us 10 easily adaptable suggestions instead of 10 clear unchanging codes for living. The Ten Commandments have been questioned, knocked around and broken ever since God gave them to Moses. Even when we don’t obey them, we can’t live without them. The Ten Commandments give us the best blue print for life, the best guard rails to keep us safe. God’s laws liberate us from the inside out and set us on a path to experience life at it’s fullest. The Ten Commandments give us a standard by which to evaluate our life, our actions, and our sins. They help us recognize our need for God’s grace and for a savior.

Ex 20:3; Js 24:15; Pr 3:9-10, 12:26, 27:19; 1 Co 10:31; Ps 46:1, 50:15; Ep 5:16-17; Je 2:32; Mt 6:33

“You shall have no other Gods before me” (Ex 20:3).

If you want God to be FIRST your life, you need the following: F – Friends who are committed to Christ help you become a stronger Christian; those who aren’t make it easy to go astray. It’s easier to be pulled down by someone than to pull them up. Also, it’s important to receive your family as a gift from God, but don’t allow family to consume you or be your reason for living. Putting God 1st in your family is one of the greatest witnesses you have. I – Interests need to be fun times where God is welcome. You can do any wholesome activity you enjoy and do it with your heart toward God. Your conduct, words and interaction with others should reflect the importance of God in your life. R – Response to problems, pressure and crisis displays God’s role in your life. Go to God first. Seek his help, pray and believe he will get you through. Praise him for who he is. S – Schedule says it all. How you spend your time, which is you greatest commodity, is the tell-all for what you most value. Honor God with your time! T – Treasure is all your stuff. Giving God the 1st of your income and holding all that you have with an open hand to be used by him and for his purpose is the mark of a person who has their priorities in order. When you seek God first in every area of life, he will provide all the other things that you need to sustain you. When God is truly FIRST, you can rest in him.

In what area are you doing best at putting God first? In what area/s do you need to work on your priorities? If someone asked your best friend what your #1 priority is, what would they say? If someone asked your spouse what your #1 priority is, what would they say? Would you be more likely to call off work or to call off Sunday? Why? Could God have stopped after writing the 1st Commandment? With what “other gods” do you most struggle?

Write down the Ten Commandments from memory. Read Exodus 20. Write down the steps you plan to take to put God 1st in at least one area where you have not been giving him 1st place. Share with a friend for accountability. Memorize the 1st Commandment.

Lord, I am constantly distracted by the demands of life. I am attracted to many things that cause my focus to wander from you. It is a daily challenge to seek you and your will first. Help my strength to increase as I align my priorities with you. Keep me close and remind me often of my need for your direction and peace in my life. Thank you for setting standards to guide me. In Jesus Name, Amen.