Top Gear – Fuel Injection

Becoming a Christian doesn’t guarantee change. Change is the result of renewal as God works in our lives. It’s a life-long process of working out our salvation by allowing God to mold and form us into people who bear the likeness and character of Jesus. Scriptures Philippians...
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Top Gear – Shifting Gears

Character is the commitment to do what is “right” as God defines “right” regardless of the cost. We live in a world where accomplishment and achievement are prized and often held in higher regard than character. When accomplishment is top gear, a new societal ethic...
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Top Gear

Just as the outer appearance of a car gives an impression of what that vehicle is like, the way a person looks often provides the first impression of what a person is like. However, with cars and with people, what’s on the inside is really the determining factor. A person’s...
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