Say AMEN! • God is Faithful – 10/16/22

Jesus celebrated the Passover with his disciples shortly before he was arrested and sentenced to death on the cross. At the Passover meal he told them he was soon going to suffer and this would be the last time he would celebrate the Passover until he celebrated it in Heaven. The disciples were filled with fear and questions. When we talk about Good Friday, we know that Sunday is on the way and we celebrate the resurrection. For the disciples, despite the fact that Jesus told them he would rise, they lived through his horrible crucifixion and suffering. He died before their eyes and his dead body was placed in a tomb. A large stone covered the entrance to the tomb. This seemed pretty final. They had to live through that awful Friday and all through Saturday with so much grief, sorrow and fearful expectation. On Sunday, everything changed. Jesus walked out of the tomb and later appeared to his disciiples validating all he had taught them. The glory of his resurrection wiped out all they had gone through and suffered. In much the same way, we mourn and groan through this time in which we live between the promise and its fulfillment. We have to make it through Saturday, but we know that Jesus will return one day. Sunday is on the way.

Scriptures – Matthew 16:24; Luke 22:15-16; Romans 8:18-19, 22-23; Haggai 2:7; Isaiah 25:8; 1 Peter 2:11; Psalm 61:1-2

Verse – I consider that what we suffer at this present time cannot be compared at all with the glory that is going to be revealed to us. (Ro 8:18) We know that all creation is still groaning and is in pain, like a woman about to give birth. The Spirit makes us sure about what we will be in the future. But now we groan silently, while we wait for God to show that we are his children. (Ro 8:22-23) But death will be destroyed forever. And the Lord God will wipe away every tear from every face. In the past, all of his people were sad, but God will take away that sadness from the earth. All of this will happen because the Lord said it would. (Is 25:8)

Thought – This world is corrupt. We have storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, car accidents and war. Our world is broken. We see cancer, divorce, pain, sorrow, sadness, sin, and death on every side. But we have good news. God promises that one day he will reboot this world and Jesus will come again in glory and power, and we will be delivered from all the woes of this life. However, until then we wait, and we groan as Paul describes in Romans.

During this time of waiting and groaning we must keep an eternal perspective, keep heaven in view. By doing so, we can evaluate the things that happen in this life in light of eternity. When you stand on your troubles and trials, they will drag you down, but when you stand on God’s promises you are encouraged and trust God’s faithfulness to carry you through. We must also stay on our toes. Like a fighter in the ring, we are in a war. When you stay on your toes, you can navigate the blows and punches that the enemy launches against you. You also have a little higher view when you are on your toes. You can see people from a different perspective. People God wants you to touch with His message of truth. On your toes you can see eternity and victory; you can rise above until God’s promise is fulfilled.

Questions – Do you keep your perspective on eternity? If so, how? Is it difficult? Why do we so easily get caught up in the troubles and drama of this world? Has anyone ever criticized your eternal perspective? How does looking toward heaven help you evaluate the troubles in this life? How does keeping an eternal perspective increase your desire to share the good news of Christ? 

Response – Write down some positive actions you can take to help you keep an eternal perspective when you are going through difficult times.

Prayer  Dear Lord, thank you for your promises. Help me to say “amen” no matter what comes my way, knowing that you are faithful and have the future safely in hand! I look forward to the glory that you have planned for your children. Keep me faithful to you. In Jesus Name I pray, amen.

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