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One Series ImageThe ONE Challenge is a miracle moment in the ministry of Faith Fellowship! In November of 2013, the ONE Campaign was launched in order to raise cash for building a Children’s and Youth addition. By mid-May 2014, with the goal of $700,000 in view, there was still $150,000 needed to make the dream a reality. God moved on the heart of someone outside the Faith Fellowship congregation and a donation of $75,000 has been promised if and when the congregation matches that $75,000 by July 31, 2014.

When Faith Fellowship was started nine years ago, God had a plan. He has continued to work out that plan to bring people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through the ministry and mission of this congregation.

The need for more Zone (Children’s and Youth) space has been prevalent for several years, but additional indebtedness for a building was not a responsible choice. So God gave the crazy idea of raising cash for the building addition ($700,000 cash). It sounds like a dream, but a God-given dream is one that requires a miracle!

Through faithful hearts and sacrifice the Faith Fellowship congregation has given $550,000 in cash and short-term commitments. Now this final push to the goal is before us! God will bring to completion what he begins! Each of us can be part of this miracle! If you can help to build ministry space for reaching young hearts for Jesus Christ, jump on board! What you do now impacts the present, the future and eternity!