The way people live is directly correlated with the size of their God. When your God is big, you are willing to place your trust into his great hands. However, too many Christians talk about the greatness of God, but when life gets tough God becomes small and they don’t place much into his hands. As a result they live diminished and fragile lives filled with worry, fear and anxiety. Instead of trusting God, they instinctively rely on themselves. They know they aren’t God, but the way they live indicates they are trying to be. Our God is great and all-powerful. He wants us to live bold, powerful lives. God’s power is bigger than any challenge doubt, frustration, fear or inadequacy we may have, and it’s available to us! When is it available? It’s available when you are tired, exhausted and worn               (Isa 40:29-21). It’s available  when you are overwhelmed and have nothing left to give (2 Co 12:9). It’s available when you are in pain (Ps 34:18). It’s available when you are tempted (1 Co 10:13). But remember, God’s power is not automatic. Just because you are a Christian doesn’t mean you are living in power. You must seek God. The more you pursue and know God, the more power you find…more God…more power!

Lk 17:14;  Jn 15:5;  Ro 7:18;  1 Co 4:20, 10:13;  2 Co 12:9-10;  Eph 1:19;  Phil 4:13;  2 Thes 1:11;  He 11:1;  Js 4:6;  Ps 34:18, 68:35, 91:1-2;  Isa 40:29-31

I pray that you will begin to understand how incredibly great his power is to help those who believe him. (Eph 1:19)

We all want access to God’s power, but how can we tap into MORE God? First, M – Make your need known. We must admit we can’t do it on our own. Admitting weakness is often difficult; it goes against our human desire to be self-sufficient and in control. But by confessing our need and giving God control of our situation and our life, we start moving in the right direction. Next, O – Orient your life with God. Power comes as we pursue our relationship with God. A toaster only operates when it’s plugged in. It doesn’t matter how high tech it is or how many controls it may have, without a power source, it’s just a cold box. Without being plugged into Jesus Christ, we are left with only our human ability and no real power. No one can do this for you! You are responsible for your own spiritual growth and relationship with Christ. We must also R – Respond in faith. We cannot please God without faith. Often we must begin to step out in faith before we see God’s power revealed. Faith is having confidence in what we hope for, believing without the benefit of seeing! E – Expect God’s power. Things become clearer as we move out in faith. God, the all-mighty and all-powerful Creator, is waiting for your invitation. His power is available when you truly seek MORE God!

Have you ever been so physically exhausted that you felt you couldn’t go on? What kept you going? Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by a situation that you didn’t think you could go on? What kept you going? Has your pain ever been so great that you didn’t think you could bear it? How did you go on? Has temptation ever hounded you until you felt there was no use in trying to be “good”? What did you do? How are you working on your relationship with God? In the past year would you say you have gotten closer to God? Explain. What do you need to place in God’s hands?

If you have a situation you need to place in God’s hands, admit you can’t handle it and give it to him; build your relationship with him by prayer and Bible study; choose to have faith in God’s ability and power to handle whatever you place in his almighty hands.

Gracious God, my human nature drags me into so much anxiety and exhaustion. You alone have the power to renew and refresh my heart and spirit and to give me strength for each new day and each new situation that comes my way. You are my strength and my salvation. Allow my faith to grow and may your power be revealed more and more in my life. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.