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Dear Friends,
How quickly things change…in keeping with the CDC and government recommendations, Faith Fellowship will not meet for worship until the restrictions are lifted and it is deemed safe to resume large group gatherings. The Sunday worship service will be posted on the website at www.ffworship.com and will be available each Sunday morning. It may be viewed at your convenience.
Faith Fellowship has never been a building; it is the people. So, even though the building is closed, ministry continues. We are assessing new ways to mobilize and expand our online presence. Pastor Jeff will reach out to the youth through a weekly video post. We are also working to assemble a care team to assist our older and more vulnerable members by providing support as needed
Our leadership will stay informed and update you regarding the church’s status and notify you as soon as we are able to resume normal operations. In the meantime, remember: For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). While we all take the advised precautions to protect ourselves and others, know that God is in control. 
We face challenges in the days ahead, but we also have great opportunities. We have an opportunity to grow in our faith, to trust God more, to spend more time with God. Don’t be overwhelmed with more and more news. Try spending more time reading God’s Word. Start your day with a devotion and prayer. 
Pray for our leaders and for all those affected by the virus. Ask for God’s protection upon the healthcare community that is working hard to care for those affected, and pray for our community and our church.
Take this opportunity to slow down; reconnect with your spouse, children, and family. Since many of your commitments are probably postponed or canceled, you have a gift of time. Use it to talk, play a game, have dinner together. God will bless this time.
You will also be given numerous opportunities to share your faith, both in word and deed. Let your communication reflect confidence in God’s ability to bring us through this challenging time. Reach out to your neighbors, coworkers, and friends. Extend love to those in need. In the midst of the chaos, you have been given a chance to point people toward God.
I must impress upon you the importance of your continued faithful giving during this unprecedented situation. Even though our normal meeting schedule is disrupted, the ministry and expenses of the church continue. Some people only give when they are at church. If you give at church, I urge you to give from home during this time. If you haven’t been giving, now is a good time to start! 
How can you give? You can give via the church website (listed above) or by texting 84321. You can utilize online bill pay through your local bank to make a donation. Also, you can mail your check to Faith Fellowship, PO Box 415, Alton, IL 62002.
I look forward to what God will do in and through you as we wade through these uncharted waters. Thank you for being you!
The staff is available. Feel free to call the church office 618-466-8510.

I pray that God will bless you and your family and keep you safely in the palm of His hand!
Marking eternity,