The Son of God left the glory of heaven to come to earth and redeem humanity. One might think his arrival would take place in a palace in Jerusalem but not in a manger in the small town of Bethlehem. Furthermore the announcement of his birth was made to shepherds, fools on a hill, instead of noblemen!

This isn’t how Hollywood would tell the story but that’s how God told it. Why does God choose this unlikely process? So Jesus could connect with all of us. Jesus in a palace doesn’t relate to most in society but Jesus born to everyday parents does. He didn’t just come for the 1%, he came for the other 99% as well. He was born to share the good news of the kingdom of God and then to die to save all of us from our sin.

Luke 23:33-38, 2:8-20

Verse: And in the same region there were shepherds out in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.       Luke 2:8

Most people like routine. There is something very calming and certain about life happening pretty much the same way everyday. However, does God work in the everyday routine? That’s where he had his angel announce the birth of Jesus, to shepherds in the middle of another night of watching the sheep. When they went to see baby Jesus they left telling everyone they saw what had happened and returned to their everyday routine.

God wants to connect with all of us this Christmas in your everyday routine because God meets us where we are but doesn’t leave us where we are. He changes us by the power of the Holy Spirit and then sends us to rub shoulders with people we see to share what he has done in our lives. Will you allow God to interrupt your routine this Christmas to change your life?

1. Is Christmas a special time for you to celebrate the birth of Jesus or does it feel like it’s been commercialized too much? Explain
2. How are you making room for Christ in your life this Christmas?
3. Have you been asking God to give you opportunities to share your faith with others?
4. Where do you need to see God in your everyday life?
5. The host of angels celebrated the coming of Jesus, how will you celebrate his birth this December?

Father God thank you for your incredible love for me. Help me to invite Christ into my everyday life so that I am changed by his presence and used to share the good news with others. In Jesus name I pray Amen.