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We all have many decisions to make and no one sets out to make bad decisions that bring painful consequences. God has given each of us the potential to be great decision makers, but most of the big decisions in life require much prayer and input from others. Seeking wise counsel is a key factor in great decision making. Every person needs a few people in their life who will provide honest feedback and accountability when important decisions are on the table. This is like a personal board of directors. It is crucial that you ask the right people for advice. You do not need sinful sympathizers who will encourage you to step over the edge and “go for it” when “it” will mess you up! Asking for counsel at the right time is also essential. Ask BEFORE you make a big decision…don’t jump off the cliff then ask for help to save you or clean up the mess! It takes much discipline and humility to ask for advice and even more to receive it.

Ps 119:66; Pr 13:20; Pr 15:22, 31-33; 27:6, 17

If you don’t ask for advice, your plans will fail. With many advisors, they will succeed (Pr 15:22). Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise but the companion of fools suffers harm (Pr 13:20).

You are ready for a board of directors when you are ready to be faithful and loyal to God and to a few people in your life. You need to be willingly accountable. You also need to be teachable. Many people can’t seem to learn; they repeat the same mistakes over and over again despite the counsel they receive. Wise counsel will keep you from stumbling and prevent a world of suffering, pain and regret. Wise counsel helps you get a better perspective; you have blind spots where others can see clearly. Wise counsel helps you make the right moves when life is pressing in and you are struggling with more than you can handle. Carefully choose your board. You have to vet them, so to speak. You want Christians, not just in name, but also in word and deed. You want people who have your best interest at heart, who are not critical, but are able to speak the truth in love. You want people who can maintain confidentiality. Although some people are nice and easy to talk with, there are many who cannot hold their tongue. You also need to seek counsel from a person of the same sex. Choose wisely and you will reap many benefits. This is serious stuff. It’s for those who are ready to move life to a higher level and make great decisions with God’s help and the help of their board.

What are the dangers of no accountability? When have you asked advice about an important decision you had to make? Do you have a personal board of directors? If yes, is someone on that board a person you can share your private struggles with? Are you willing to receive the truth in love, or are you offended? How does it feel to be accountable to God and others? Are you on the board in the lives of others? How are you at holding others accountable?

Write down the people who are on your board of directors. Rate them based on the four qualifications (Christian, encourager, confidential, same sex). Have you chosen wisely? If you don’t have a board of directors, consider those in your life who have the potential to be advisors. The next time you have a decision to make, ask a few of them for advice. Begin working toward building your board.

Bring into my life those who will lend guidance and accountability to my life and my decision-making. Help me to be submissive to you, Lord, and to be teachable. Thank you for the support of Christian friends and family. Draw me closer to you and to others. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.