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Most of us don’t seek out a throne but what happens when God puts you on the throne? That’s exactly what happened to the first king of Israel, Saul. He came from the least of the clans in the smallest of the twelve tribes of Israel but God chose him to be king and through a series of events let Saul know that he would be with him if Saul decided to follow after God

1 Samuel 9:2­3, 9:6, 9:15­17, 9:21, 10:1­6

The throne is a magnificent chair that represents power, authority, and control. And while we don’t think about it in those terms there are many chairs that God has placed in our lives. As a follower of Christ, spouse, parent, employee, employer, church member, provider etc. These chairs represent our marriages, our families, our careers, our financial decisions ­ our lives. God wants us to remember that all these chairs of authority are His and he wants us to be good stewards with that which He has blessed us.

Do you see your accomplishments (chairs) in life as your own doing or part of God moving in your life? If God asked you to give up a chair which would be easiest to give up? Which one would be hardest to give up? Is there an area of responsibility (chair) that God wants you to surrender to Him? In which chair do you need to be a better steward?

As you read through the scriptures above especially in chapter 10 you will see God speak to
Saul in three ways.
1) God lets Saul know that the donkeys he was looking for have been found and the takeaway  is: God wants you to know he can solve your problems.
2) God provides Saul with food and drink and the takeaway is: God wants you to know He can supply your needs.
3) God allows Saul to experience the powerful presence of the Spirit of the Lord and the
takeaway is: God wants you to know the He can be your source of power

Father, I pray that you will help each of us to be good stewards of the chairs you’ve allowed us
to sit in. May we be reminded daily that you are our provider in all things and to call out to you
to solve our problems, supply our needs and be our source of power. Amen.