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Don’t worry, be happy is a simple instruction, but in reality it is an impossible task. “To worry” means “to choke or strangle.” That’s exactly what it does. It robs you of joy, fills your mind with imaginations, steals your sleep, and hovers over your life like a cloud of gloom. There is a big difference between concern and worry. Concern focuses on probable difficulties; things that need constructive action–managing your money, driving carefully, taking care of your body. Worry, however focuses on circumstances beyond your control, most of which never happen. God’s Word provides a remedy for worry. When applied, it changes your perspective and brings joy within that has power over worry!

Matt 6:27; Rom 12:2; Phil 4:4-9

Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? (Matt 6:27)

Paul gives advice for overcoming worry in Phil 4:4-9. He tells us to remember that the Lord is near. Even though we know that God is with us, we often do not live that way. When we truly acknowledge his presence beside us all the time, he brings comfort and peace. With God by our side we can talk to him anytime about anything; this is prayer, conversation with Jesus Christ. Paul also says that we must think on good things. When the negatives of this world are allowed to infiltrate our minds, it is depressing and leads to worry and anxiety. Paul points us to higher thinking–goodness, truth, honor, purity, beauty and respect. When our mind is filled with good things, they produce good thoughts and feelings. At some point this leads to good attitudes and ultimately good actions. You are what you think. It takes practice, but just as eating right makes your body feel better, spiritual exercise will yield great rewards.

Are you prone to worry? Do you show it or try to bury it? What is your greatest concern? What is your greatest worry? What is the logical difference between your concerns and worries?

Make a list of your worries and concerns. Put them in their proper column. Concerns need to be addressed, so take the needed action. However when worry attacks you, begin the practice of thinking on good things. Remember that God’s Word is health to your body, mind and soul! Use it as a proper prescription!

Dear Lord, I am thankful that you are with me each day in every situation. Help me to truly live in your presence with your peace, protection and comfort around me. Help me to talk to you about my worries and to replace them with Your Word and with the beauty and love you have placed around me. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.