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As the story unfolds in Genesis 1 and 2 God created this amazing world and a couple to enjoy the beauty of what He had created. By Genesis 6 God wants to destroy the world because humanity had become so filled with rebellion and sin.  However before he does so, he pauses because there was a man who walked faithfully with God, his name was Noah.  Noah found favor in God’s eyes and he listened to the instructions God gave him to build the ark and so save his family and the human race.


Genesis 6:5-9, 13, 22  Genesis 7:1, 7-10  Genesis 8:13-16 


“But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord.  Genesis 6:8


You’ve probably heard your parents say at one time or another, “You have two ears and one mouth, so listen more and talk less.”  What helped Noah walk faithfully with God is that he listened to Him and benefitted from following His instructions.  Listening to God requires three things:  1) You have to be walking in relationship with Him.  You can’t hear what God wants to say to you if you don’t know him. 2) You have to push past the barriers of giving up too soon.  3) You have to train your ear to hear his voice.  You train your ear by spending time in God’s word.


How are doing when it comes to listening to God? What barriers seem to come up to keep you from hearing his voice? Is there something that you know God wants you to do but you’ve been dragging your feet? Are you willing to follow through even when you don’t fully understand why God is asking you to take this step? Are you struggling to wait on God’s timing? Have you been consistently worshipping Him while you’re waiting for him to move on what He said he would do?


During your devotional time ask God to speak to you as you read his word.  Write down your thoughts and impressions for greater clarity and direction when you pray.  Ask other believers how God speaks to them.


Dear Lord, help me to hear your voice.  Help me to follow through like Noah did when you commanded him to build the boat.  Strengthen me in the midst of my doubt and help me to trust in you as I’m waiting on you. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.