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Nehemiah came to Jerusalem to rebuild the city’s walls, which were in ruins. Although it seemed this construction project was his sole mission, in reality he also had a spiritual construction project in mind. The work on the walls was completed in just 52 days. What had seemed insurmountable became a reality because of the hard work and dedication of the people and God’s favor. Then Nehemiah moved on to the next part of his Call of Duty. He set a date for all the people of Jerusalem to come together. They listened as Ezra read from the Scriptures about the disobedience of their ancestors to a God who was compassionate and faithful. They were overwhelmed with sorrow and regret, almost to the point of being inconsolable. Nehemiah sent the people home to eat and drink and remember the joy of the Lord. When Nehemiah reassembled the people of the city, he presented them with a covenant that required them to make a100% commitment to God and to promise 100% obedience to God’s Instruction. After Nehemiah first signed the covenant, he asked the people to sign also. Nehemiah answered God’s call to not only rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, but also to lead the people back into a committed relationship with God.

Neh 6:15, 8:10, 10:29

They join with their official and relatives, and make a solemn pledge to live by God’s Instruction, which was given by Moses, God’s servant, and to observe faithfully all the commandments, judgments, and statutes of our Lord God. (Neh 10:29)

Nehemiah sensed that the people of Jerusalem needed to recommit themselves to God. They needed renewal and revival in their spiritual lives. You wouldn’t think people who know God and walk with God would need to do this, but it is important to renew and refresh your commitment to God with sincerity and passion. Full devotion to God’s Instruction doesn’t mean living life in a straight jacket; it is the only way to freedom, satisfaction and meaning. Full commitment in every area of life protects us from the senseless, self-destructive choices that will bring us unimaginable suffering and pain. We must be continually reminded of God’s compassion and faithfulness, and renew our resolve to serve him fully in every area of our lives.

How has disobedience to God brought suffering into your life? How has faithfulness to God brought freedom and satisfaction? How would you explain this to a non-believer? How easy is it to wander off the path of righteousness into disobedience? How often do you need to renew and refresh your commitment to Christ?

Identify any areas in your life where you have wandered into disobedience. Ask God for forgiveness and recommit every part of your life to Him.

Dear God, thank you for being gracious, forgiving and compassionate! I am so easily distracted from my commitment to you. Right now, I recommit my heart and life to you. I want to be 100% obedient and100% committed to you, Lord. I know that your instruction leads me to freedom and joy. Help me to be the person you have called me to be. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.