Breaking Bad – Anger

Anger is a perplexing emotion. Some get angry over the smallest things, yet others face major challenges and never seem to get angry. Some internalize their anger. They bury it like toxic waste and pretend it’s safely disposed of; however, it will eventually leak and the long-term effect can poison their body, their attitude, and their relationships. Others spew their anger and let it fly. They inflict a lot of damage on themselves, their family and friends, and their possessions. These people are dangerous to be around. They tend to get into trouble and drag those who are with them into the fray. If you don’t learn to manage anger in a healthy, Godly way it will manage you. The Bible indicates that it is an emotion we will all have to deal with, but it is possible to be angry and not sin.

Eph 4:26; Pr 16:32; 19:19; 22:24-25, 29:22; 15:1; Ps 139:23-24

If you become angry, do not let your anger lead you into sin,… (Eph 4:26) It is better to be patient than to be a strong soldier. It is better to control your anger than to capture a city. (Pr 16:32)

The first step in managing anger is to recognize when you are starting to get angry. Maybe it’s heightened anxiety, pulse or some other physical symptom. When you sense that anger is welling up you must make a choice regarding what you will do with your anger. Ask God for help. Seek his wisdom and listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Take a breath. There is always a low road (destructive) and a high road (God-honoring). You get to choose. Remember that no matter whom you are dealing with, it is someone who God loves just as much as he loves you. Harsh words inflame the situation, so speak a kind word to diffuse your anger. (Pr 15:1) Thank God that you can walk away from this situation without dishonoring him, someone else or yourself.

What things make you angry? Do you get angry quickly or does it build up over time? Are you more likely to internalize your anger or to spew? Do you have an anger management plan? If so, what is your method for managing anger? Is there anyone you know whose anger is so volatile that it makes everyone uneasy?

Sincerely pray the prayer from Ps 139:23-24. Reflect on your life and emotions. Is anger poisoning your life or disrupting your relationships? If so, talk to a Christian friend and share what you are going through. Work out a plan to manage your anger, whether it is with Christian support or counseling or both.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for creating me in your image. I know that all the emotions you have placed within me are for good when they are under your control. Help me to recognize my weaknesses, seek help when I need it, and may I always rest in you and trust your word as the path and light for my life. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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