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In 1st Samuel 24, we find David hiding in a cave with his men. Saul has been searching for David, trying to kill him. When Saul reaches the cave, he has no idea that David is inside. Saul goes in alone, with no security detail, to use the bathroom. David and company are hiding deep in the cave and soon realize that that they have an opportunity. Saul is alone and vulnerable. David can easily capture or kill Saul and claim his promised throne. In the dark, David creeps close to Saul, but rather than kill him, David merely cuts off the corner of Saul’s robe (unnoticed). What a strange thing to do in light of the possibilities! Why would he not bring an end to the running, hiding and fear? In verse 6, David explains that he cannot raise his hand against God’s anointed. Even though David has been chosen by God and anointed to be the next king of Israel, his time has not come, and he does not want to gain the throne like this. David believes as stated in Psalm 57:2 that it is “God who fulfills his purpose for me.” David won’t force God’s promise into being, it must be left in God’s hands, so that it happens in accordance with God’s will.

Scriptures – 1 Sa 24:1-6; Ps 57:2, 78:70-71; Mt 6:33; Ph 1:6, 4:19

I cry to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me. (Ps 57:2)

Although David’s purpose was clear, the process was long and difficult. It often seemed that his circumstance wasn’t leading toward his calling. When you are hiding in a cave, constantly on guard against those who are trying to hunt you down and kill you, you probably don’t feel very kingly. God’s purpose for your life may be as clear as it was for David or it may not yet be revealed, but the path will not be easy. You find your purpose by praying, seeking God, and striving to do His will in your circumstance. God gives you what you need right now to fulfill what He wants you to fulfill, to take the next step. You may not know what the next 10 steps are or where they lead, but God will equip you for this step. The key is allowing God to unfold it in His way, in His time. You cannot rush His purpose or preempt his timing without consequence. Don’t look at the gifts and opportunities others have been given. You are unique and have a special purpose in God’s plan. You only need to be concerned with your opportunities and your God-given gifts, because you have what you need for this day, for this task, for this circumstance. Trust God to promote you as you work with His process to accomplish His purpose for your life. Remember that where you’ve come from and where you are going are not as important as the process, how you get there. God will move you in the right direction if you are obedient and cooperate with His process.

Do you know your Godly purpose? If yes, please share. When did you know? How did God inform you? If you do not know your Godly purpose, how are you moving toward God’s purpose for your life? Why is the process toward purpose so important? How have you experienced this in your life? Do you think some people will not know their purpose until they get to heaven? Why is purpose so clear for some and so obscure for others? How can you help yourself or someone else who is struggling to know their purpose?

If you know your God-given purpose, write it down. How is God using your present circumstance to move you toward His purpose? If you don’t know your God-given purpose, pray and ask God to use each and every opportunity that you are given to lead you on the path toward His purpose for you. Address each day and each circumstance as part of the process. Honor God in everything you do.

Lord, I often struggle to understand why my life’s path is strewn with pain, discouragement and hardship. In the midst of my dismay, give me strength and affirm within me your commitment to accomplish your purpose in my life. Help me to trust the process, knowing that it is you who will bring to completion what you have started. Thank you for your patience and love. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.