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The leaders of Faith Fellowship are intentional about creating an atmosphere that takes the stress out of going to church. Whether you have never been to church, been away for a while or have attended your entire life, Faith Fellowship feels immediately comfortable. From the moment you pull into the parking lot, we will make you feel at home. Parking volunteers will help you find a place, and they are available to assist you in getting inside if needed.

Once inside, greeters will welcome you and help you find your way around. Information Center attendants are happy to answer any questions you may have. You may enjoy complimentary coffee from the serving cart, or the Cafe offers pastries and other beverages at a reasonable price if you are looking for a little something more.

Casual dress and a relaxed environment are what you will experience! You will see many different styles of dress. If you are comfortable in jeans, wear them. If you prefer something a little dressier, don‘t worry, that is fine too.

Expect to see someone you know.  First time attendees almost always run into someone they know!

We promise you will never be embarrassed or singled out as a first-time attendee. No worries! Just come and share in worship at Faith Fellowship!