the zone main finale2When you arrive, stop at one of the Check-in Kiosks (entry area) and register your child/children for the Zone. This process takes only a few moments. Each child receives a name tag which helps the teachers personalize your child’s experience. You will receive a Parent Tag ID # (secure code) that uniquely matches you to your child.

Please keep your Parent ID tag. If you are needed during the service, your Parent Tag # will appear at the bottom of the large screens in the auditorium so you know you are needed by your child.

The Zone opens to children at 9:30am. Zone begins at 10:00am.

Infants and Toddlers are received at a secure station at the Nursery. There is a staff childcare worker in the nursery each Sunday with a team of volunteers who provide a warm and nurturing environment for our young children.

Pre-K children (ages 3, 4, 5) meet in their own, self-contained classroom. The children have time to play and to learn a Bible story in a classroom setting.

Students who are in Kindergarten through 8th grade meet in the Zone. They experience worship in a setting specifically designed for them. The Youth Worship and Tech Teams lead the music portion of the Zone. The students then share in a Bible lesson taught in both a large group and small group setting. There is plenty of energy and excitement in the Zone!

After the worship service concludes, please pick-up your child promptly. Children birth through 5th grade are kept in the teacher’s care until a parent arrives. Children are dismissed to their parent only.